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At Property Assessor we take safety seriously

That is why we use the services of a fully trained & Fully Insured UAV commercial pilot, trained by the UAV Academy.

The pilot we use has:

  • Civil Aviation Authority permission for Aerial work (PFAW)
  • Is fully Insured for each and every flight by Drone Insurance specialists.

Contact us now for more details:

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Here is a little more information in detail.

Prior to each flight he will conduct a thorough risk assessment for the operation. A minimum of 2 hours preparation work goes into every flight so he can be sure that the flight is a safe and successful one.

He will follow a strict code of practise using an operations manual for which his CAA Permission for Aerial Work is granted on, this ensures all national and local laws are adhered to. The pilot we use is fully qualified through the UAV Academy

When selecting Property Assessor for Aerial Photos, you can rest assured you are in safe hands and the pilot will ensure the flight is completed safely and give you the results you need.

Property Assessor uses a Civil Aviation Authority ( CAA ) Certified Aerial photographer providing aerial photography and aerial video from a remote controlled UAV

He can take colour aerial still photography and aerial video up to the CAA limit of 400 feet.

He can create 360 degree panoramas - great for an aerial photograph of a proposed new build or a bird's eye view of a Golf Course or even a Race Course such as the one on our website.

He is fully insured.

He can fly lower and get more detailed shots than a manned aeroplane or helicopter - at a far lower rate.

There are restrictions:

The Civil Aviation Authority has strict regulations & guidelines on where unmanned helicopters or 'drones' can be flown.

The drone must not be flown:

  • Outside the hours of daylight.
  • At a height exceeding 400ft above the ground.
  • Further than 500m from the operator.
  • Within 150m of any open-air assembly of more than 1000 persons.
  • Within 50m of any vessel, vehicle or structure not under the control of the operator.
  • If permission has not been granted by the landowner of the site used for take-off and landing.

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Floor Plans

Floor Plans

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